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Thursday, October 18th, 2007
12:50 pm
I'm new. :D But I love Diamond and Pearl.
I have such a big urge for battling/trading.

IM me on AIM if you're interested? :D
Screen name: Boats That Flyy

Current Mood: crazy
Monday, June 25th, 2007
5:11 pm
Need some help with my team...
Okay, all of my Pokemon are level 100 and I need help making them more powerful. I already used as many carbos and irons and whatnot on each of them as I could, so I'm guessing it's just the moves now.

Pengy - Level 100 Quirky Female Piplup
Ability: Torrent
Hydro Pump
Drill Peck

Pikachu - Level 100 Docile Male Pikachu
Ability: Static
Iron Tail
Quick Attack

Marina - Level 100 Quiet Female Dragonair
Ability: Shed Skin
Hyper Beam

Chirisu - Level 100 Mild Male Pachirisu
Ability: Run Away
Shock Wave
Last Resort

Togetic - Level 100 Rash Male Togetic
Ability: Hustle
Anicent Power
Defog (I plan on getting rid of this, just don't know what to replace it with)

Articuno - Level 100, Hasty Articuno
Ability: Pressure
Ice Beam
Sheer Cold

Any ideas are truly appreciated and would be incredibly helpful. Thanks in advance.
3:21 pm
Problems with Nintendo Wi-Fi
Okay, now this is getting really annoying. I was trying to play Pokemon Diamond/Pearl with a friend on Nintendo Wi-Fi and I couldn't connect with him. It would say 'Communicating with (generic person)', and then I'd get an error screen. Of course, this isn't the first time a Wi-Fi enabled game has bitched on me like this. Last year, the same thing happened with my Metroid Prime Hunters game.

So here's the deal. Until I can find a way to fix the problem, or until I return to Maryland, any Wi-Fi challenges will be canceled until further notice. As much as I want to beat people in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, my internet connection is forbidding me to do so. Sorry....

Current Mood: annoyed
Sunday, June 24th, 2007
2:16 am
anyone up for a battle?

AIM= Tygrhybrid
YIM= Twilightdragon04
Thursday, June 14th, 2007
2:30 am
Im having a shitty time sleeping right now. So if anyone wants to have a lvl 50 battle with me while im fighting this insomnia, please contact me on aim or yim and i'll happily accept.
Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
2:19 am
Pokemon Tournament!
Attention all Pokemon Trainers!

pkmn_tournament is starting up our first classic-style Pokemon tournament and we've opened up registration. The tournament information and rules are as follows:

Tournament: Challenge #2: Classic Style Debut!
Number of Players: A hopeful 32
Level Limit: 30
Exceptions: You may not use any of the 36 legendaries.

For more information on the tournament and how to sign up, visit this post here:
Champion of the tournament will receive a custom-made banner to show off your victory! Come check it out for a fantabulous time!

(Cross posted to many Pokemon communities)
Sunday, June 3rd, 2007
11:09 pm
Pokemon battle, anyone?
Okay, I'm officially itching for someone to battle against. If anyone wants to accept my challenge, then go right ahead. Of course, I have little time to go online to do stuff due to the amount of schoolwork I have to do, so I'll just give you my Trainer Info and some IM stuff.

Trainer Name: Kai
Friend Code: 2492-0604-2488

YIM name: mecha_tahu
Skype name: zalno1
11:29 pm
if anyone wants to have a lvl 50 battle, i'll be online for a couple hours starting now. so feel free to contact me on aim or yim if you fancy a battle ;)

AIM= Tygrhybrid
YIM= Twilightdragon04
Thursday, May 24th, 2007
3:09 pm
Ok. I'm bored as can be, and while I know there aren't many of us here yet, I really want to battle someone. Any takers?
2:29 pm
Hooray, Team Building!
So! I thought I'd use this opportunity to ask people how I should work on my team.

Current Team:
Cut for length.Collapse )

Those are my team permanents. I think. Unless anyone thinks I should really get rid of one of them.

I need two more Pokemon, and I need move suggestions. Anyone got any ideas?

I'm mostly looking for a team that can come in, hit hard and fast, and switch out.
9:45 am
Hey all! And welcome to Pokebattle!

Here are my hopes for this community:
1) It will be a place where everyone can post their teams and get assistance with making either a well balanced team or get ideas for a theme based team
2) People can just post particular movesets
3) Find battle partners
4) Hold Tournaments
5) Get help with breeding certain natures, EVs, and moves
6) Locate TMs one needs to complete a moveset

So tell all you can about this community so we can get things up and running! The more the merrier I say!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please post them here. Like what sort of things would you like to see as prizes in a tournament? And what kind of tournaments would you like to see? Would anyone be interested in a Monoteam tournament? IE, I choose a type and everyone has to make a team based around that type? Or some other type of themed tournament? Anywho! Let me know. I think there's a lot we can do with a community like this and if anyone wants to help me that'd be swell.

Current Mood: hopeful
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