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Hey all! And welcome to Pokebattle!

Here are my hopes for this community:
1) It will be a place where everyone can post their teams and get assistance with making either a well balanced team or get ideas for a theme based team
2) People can just post particular movesets
3) Find battle partners
4) Hold Tournaments
5) Get help with breeding certain natures, EVs, and moves
6) Locate TMs one needs to complete a moveset

So tell all you can about this community so we can get things up and running! The more the merrier I say!

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please post them here. Like what sort of things would you like to see as prizes in a tournament? And what kind of tournaments would you like to see? Would anyone be interested in a Monoteam tournament? IE, I choose a type and everyone has to make a team based around that type? Or some other type of themed tournament? Anywho! Let me know. I think there's a lot we can do with a community like this and if anyone wants to help me that'd be swell.
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